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I need some advice please!!

I just built a new rig comprising of a Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H, 3770K, 16gb Corsair LP Vengeance RAM and a Thermalright Silver Arrow Cooler. I OC'd to 4.5ghz and ramped up the memory speed to 1600mhz from 1333mhz.

I ran Intel Burn Test for almost 13 hours overnight and the highest any of the cores got to was 84 degrees, and the average was between 76 to 79 degrees.

What I am asking is, is that a long enough testing period to guarantee my OC is stable? I am new to this and would appreciate any advice offered!! Would running Mem Test overnight be a worthwhile exercise?

Also, I am not what you would call a HEAVY gamer i.e. I do like the latest FPS games but do not play them for hours on end etc, and would only describe myself as a casual gamer. I am hoping that as I did not experience a BSOD or a complete lockup within the time frame, everything is good, and I should not have any issues?

Many thanks to anyone who can advise me with this?
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  1. Sounds pretty stable! Anything over an hour is pretty safe - over 4-6 solid - over 12 GTG!

    That temp is a lil worrisome - not horrible - but not great either. Just keep an eye on it - if you are unsure on seating, don't be afraid to take it off and re seat - hopefully you used good quality thermal compound and not stock that came with the heatsink - this can make a BIG difference

    I wouldn't go much past that OC on air cooling though. granted the i73770k can be take to 4.8-5Ghz pretty easily, but requires LCS

    I might suggest as a final test, Run OCCT and test GPU and CPU together - Often this is where failures can be found. One stable by itself is great - but once gaming is started, many experience crashes to due a combined load not supported
  2. Hi Buzz247,

    I have looked around on various forums for people whom have asked similar questions regarding the 3770k OC'd to 4.5 on air and it seems my temps are about average and nothing to be "worried" about?

    You said yourself as I have left it running overnight at the maximum stress level for more than 12 hours and the thermal cut off is 105 degrees before there is any kind of throttling back, and the highest any core reached was 84 degrees I reckon as you said I am good to go!?

    I realise I came asking for an answer but after doing some more research, I don't think the temps I hit considering the length of time Intel Burn Test was running for is a real cause for concern. I am not going to be expecting my CPU to be doing all the work as I have an OC'd 7970 to help out in times of need too LOL!!

    I appreciate your response, but I think my new rig is going to be just fine.

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    Oh no I agree - I think you will be fine - it was just a few words of caution and things to look at to ensure stability and longevity is all :) Keep in mind, those that went 4.5 on air may have had different case/cooling setups to allow better flow. I just gave you a base rule to run from - every system is a bit different so find what works n roll with it
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