can this pc run far cry 3 and bf3 in 32 vs 32 mode on high/ultra settings

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  1. Nice build. Ultra on FC3 will be very playable. You will probably be in the 30fps range. I would get the parts from newegg. I don't quite understand what your question was asking, but I can tell you that that is a nice build, and I wouldn't change any part on it.
  2. if you can i suggest upgrading the 660 to 660TI, not necessary but a nice boost :3
  3. Don't forget your copy of windows! Very similar to mine I just have a windforce 660 and an i7 3770 but I do get 60 fps on ultra in BF3 multiplayer. Haven't gotten FC3 but looking around youtube ultra is more than playable with over 30 fps without SMAA
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