ASrock Z77 extreme4 mobo not working with LG Flatron W2034T monitor - 'ANALOG POWER SAVING MODE' - please help!

I tried everything. First I accidentally pressed CLR CMOS a week and a half ago and had to take it in to the geek squad. Then When I got it back it didn't show anything on my monitor or my Samsung 720p HDTV via HDMI. The keyboard is working - and the LED lights my computer show up - but no signal to the monitor. I have an ASrock z77 mobo, 2 Radeon 7950s (crossfire), an LG Flatron W2043T , a 1050 watt power supply, and an intel i5 3570k processor.
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  1. Bump - please, help! I spent over 1,300 of my dad's money on this! :/
    One thing i might add is that the CLR CMOS button flashes red on startup for a few seconds and there is a code A6 (or 86) on the mobo
  2. Anyone? PLEASE, I need help!
  3. Helpppppp
  4. Anyone? :(
  5. It shos error A2 and the CLR CMOS button is lit back up again. I have no hope anymore.
  6. I called the geek squad. They said to take it back. Thanks for nothing, forum. :(
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