corsair hydro H40

hi im interested in this cooler the video review is here,

and its said by newegg that its entry level cpu cooler but i watched the video and it says i need 1 3pin connector for the pump and 1 for the 120mm fan, can i use a 3pin to molex for these or not
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  1. Yes although you would plug one into the CPU fan header on the board.
  2. ah yes so i have 1 free, it seems easy to install all i have to do is clean gunk of my cpu and i dnt have to remove my mobo cos my pc has a back panel for the back of my cpu
  3. do you think the H40 is good compared to a high end air cooler
  4. dragonx1983 said:
    do you think the H40 is good compared to a high end air cooler


    You cannot compare an H40 to an NH-D14, the only thing that comes close to it is the H100.
  5. why would anyone put that brown and tan piece of crap in there pc it doesnt even match any case anyone has, noctua are good i agree but there expensive and there colour scheme for fans is dogshit
  6. You can always replace the fan.
  7. ok offtopic from water cooling so whats a good air cooler with a smallish heatsink ive seen the size of the noctua and it wouldnt fit in my case anyways
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