A new graphic card for my hp desktop

Hi guys i have this Hp desktop : and i wanna upgrade my ati 6570. What would you think would be best for some better gaming?
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  1. HD 7750
  2. What is your budget?
  3. Can't i put 7770?
  4. You will need to buy a new PSU if you plan to upgrade the GPU. Don't forget that.
  5. The 7750 is the fastest gpu you can buy that still runs only on the 75w power of the PCIe lane. Your psu is rated at 300w, but I think that is optimistic. Since you already have a card that runs 75w or less, I picked the 7750 as you made no mention of changing the psu. If you can spend ~$60 for a bronze certified rosewill, corsair, antec or seasonic psu, you can get up about 500w true power with enough grunt to run a good midrange card like 7850/70 GTX660Ti, etc.

    If you want to game, you MUST have a quality power supply.

  6. That will work just fine.
  7. Will my motherboard support it though?
  8. Yes, the motherboard will support the 7850. Just make sure you have enough clearance for the length of the card. The gigabyte card is about 245mm long.

  9. Should i go for the gtx 660 ti or the amd 7870 xt is better?
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    They are about equal in performance, but the radeon might have a slight edge, and it's usually a little less expensive. Also, right now the amd cards have a pretty good gaming bundle as a freebie.

    You already have an amd card and if you have been happy with it, stick with the brand.

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