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I recently build a PC with a Gigabyte HD 7970. I also have a Syncmaster P2770 monitor. When I use the HDMI out to HDMI port on the monitor it looks fine, but when I use a mini display port to hdmi adapter and an HDMI cable to the monitor it has black edges on all four sides. The color also seems worse but that may just be my imagination.

When connected to my TV it looks the same both way (Besides the loss of sound using the adapter?)

Is there some sort of technical reason this is happening, or can I fix this?
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    Goto the my digital display section of the Vision Engine Control Center and set the /over-/underscan to zero. Also check the other options to correct the color problem. The default color settings for dp and hdmi are different, because a tv is expected on the hdmi.
  2. Thanks noidea_77 (Ironic name ;) )

    I don't know why it set it to 10% to start with. That also fixed the color issue I believe, because it was just my eyes seeing it weird at that size.
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