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Hello guys! I need to build a pc for my church to stream video to our website every Sunday. Our Kingdom website provider will handle this for us.

I have a new ASUS X58 motherboard and a new case that I was wanting to use. Somehow, I ended up with two of these boards when I built mine a year or so ago.

Only problem is that I have to use a 1366 on this board. They are not real easy to find but Amazon has a i7 930. Would it be wise to use this or get something else?

We have a presentation PC that we use now for slides, singing and etc. Would it be wise to use this PC or will the streaming slow it down? I am new to streaming video and have a few questions.

Right now we have rca jacks and s-video coming into a DVR to record and we take the dvd to the local TV station for the next Sunday.

We want to be able to upload video to store on our website and also have a streaming video portion on our website. I just need to know how much memory would be minimal and what is the best way to capture the video? Do I need a capture card or not? Kingdom has a canopus box adapter to transfer the video signal coming from our cameras to the firewire input on a pc. Do we need this or what kind of card would be needed extra if anything? Also, do I need to put a special kind of video card in the pc or just an average video card?

We sill just be logging on and start streaming right before the sermons on Sunday morning and evening. No gaming will be done on this pc, just using it mainly for our website and probably recording it to a dvd. We will burn a copy for anyone but mostly make copies with a duplicator that we have at the building.

Is this an ok MB and chip for this and what other components do we need beside the normal keyboard, monitor, 2 TB drive, burner and etc? I probably will use a SSD with a 2 or 3 TB HHD.

Thanks very much.
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  1. How old and more importantly what are the specs of the computer that you are using for the slide show. Depending on that information we can decide if its easier to build another computer or upgrade the one that you already have.
  2. Well I posted from my iphone but I guess it did not go thru.

    We have a home built Gigabyte GA-EP43-UD3L/US3L motherboard with an Intel Core 2 duo E7500 2.80gh processor. We only have 4gb ram and run windows pro in 32 bit. Our video card is a Nividia GEForce 9800 GTX4. With normal monitor, keyboard and such. I for sure will be adding a couple terabytes of storage if I use this machine.

    I did not know if I should run the feed thru this system while doing slides and songs or a separate machine. One would be great by all means.

    I need to know if I can capture the video automatically or not as it is being feed to the internet or just download it afterwards. Also some want an audio for their car so I need an audio also. I am not sure if I can capture audio only at the same time or better to separate it afterwards. Thanks a bunch!
  3. There are quite a few video capture cards that allow you to stream live. I'm not as well informed in this area so I cannot help much. The best thing to do right now, is look on amazon, newegg, etc. for reviews features and pricing of the capture cards to see if they have what you need. Hopefully someone replies with more information by then. As for the computers, I suggest building a new computer that will be able to handle the streaming as well as the slides and presentation.
    (If you get a new computer it can handle the streaming and the presentation/music so you can use it for everything)
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