No internet access. Have to go power box outside and switch it on everytime.

Hey guys,

I have a wired connection going into my room that was manually setup by going into the attic and making a connection between the walls to the router (recently renovated home). For some reason, it doesn't work most of the time and gives me a "no internet access" with the icon and yellow triangle on the taskbar. The only way to make it work is to go out to my fusebox and turn on a certain switch. Once that happens, it works great, but the connection goes out at seemingly random intervals, and in which case I have to go turn off and on the switch again.

Out of everyone in the house that uses wired connection, it only happens to the connection I have in my room. I've tried this on several computers, my personal PC and two laptops, and have had the same result. I have to go turn on the switch outside and it works again.

If it helps, my room had to have a connection to the router manually made because my room was also originally part of a dining area.

Wondering if you know what's going on and if you can help, thanks!
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  1. so, someone turn it off?
  2. No, it's on the on position at all times and I have to turn it from on>off>on.

    It's the FAU switch if that helps anyone.
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