Continue my overclock if I get new cooling?

Hello people! I was wondering if it would be safe if I continued my overclock from 4.5ghz to well.... anything i can achieve :p. I wont go above 5ghz. If your wondering why it because i play a lot of flight simulator and that game in probably the most CPU dependant game ever! I dont want to go into details but with my overclock at 4.5ghz and with certain addons i have installed i get between 25-30FPS which is decent. Now, here are my specs:

Intel core i5 2500K @ 4.5ghz, Core voltage: 1.336V
AMD radeon 6870 1GB
8GB Ram
750 watt PSU
ASRock P67 Pro3 MB

Right now my computer is located in my room on the top floor of the house, during the summer (and the lack of air conditioning in France) i get about 50c for my CPU and under load it goes to the high 70s or 80s. This is all with air cooling. Now, during the summer i will be moving my computer location to the basement (where it is very cold) to keep my tempatures down, and i thought, what if i get a nice water cooling system such as the corsair H100i? I'm sure if i get 50c with air cooling in my room, i could get much lower temps with water cooling in my basement. And if i got the water cooling, would i be able to increase my overclock to 4.8-5ghz? Thanks!
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  1. I would try it first. You may already near the limit of your chip. Few go past 4.5 stable.
  2. 4.5 is good enough.
  3. Unolocogringo said:
    I would try it first. You may already near the limit of your chip. Few go past 4.5 stable.

    The limit for my chip? The CPU? And what limit are you talking about, the temp or the overclock?
  4. I do not think I would push it past 4.5. Your GPU is on the low-mid range side so I do not think even trying to go to 4.8 is going to get you much more performance than you have now.

    Overclocking will only gain you so much before it tapers off.

    And yes he is meaning the CPU they will only overclock to a certian point and 3.3GHz to 4.5GHz is already a very large OC. Really the only thing holding you back now is your GPU a AMD 7950 or GTX 670 would give you a really good boost in gaming performance over the 6870 you have now. Very few will go to 4.8 or 5GHz stable even on water cooling.
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