where can I find a Hdmi / Audio splitter?

Hello, currently im using a Acer monitor to play on my XboX360 and its built in speakers are horrible, the only audio jack on it is audio in so I cant hook up my stereo to it through RCA jacks. Im just asking is there any kind of splitter that can split the xbox's outputs like so?:

Xbox -> Hdmi < Hdmi (monitor) + RCA jack out (stereo)
also such as this but the DVI would be a audio jack out
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  1. They are called HDMI Audio Extractors - HDMI to Stereo Audio and HDMI to Digital Optical

    Googling found this site http://www.lindy-usa.com/hdmi-audio-extractor-38090.html?source=webgains&siteid=73669
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