Windows 7 doesn't recognize DVI input at 1080p, Nor does it accept ethernet internet.

So i found out earlier today that my hard drive was fried and i went and got a new one. I also bought an ssd to go with it. I decided that i would put windows 7 on the SSD. So after hours of fiddling with it i finally got it to install windows completely. I did all of the normal first use settings and moved on. When i got to the desktop i realized that the computer wasnt giving an output of 1080P to my monitor. (the monitor is 1080p). I then went into the Screen Resolution part of control panel and found out that it wasnt even recognizing the input as dvi. (it said "Standard VGA adapter" which it has never said that in the past.) I never ever had this problem before the re installation of windows. Also, my computer is a desktop and it has an integrated wireless adapter, but i prefer hard-wired internet over wireless due to a more smooth behavior for internet access. Windows did not even recognize the wired connection, nor did it even recognize hard-wired internet as an internet option. Please help, anything will be massively appreciated due to this being a 10 hour ordeal now. I will post my specs below.

Intel Core i5-2500k 3.30 GHZ
Nvidia GTX 560 Graphics Card
64bit OS
Asus P8Z68-VLX Motherboard
The monitor is a Samsung LS23A300 Monitor
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