Which is the difference between These two Power Supplies ?

Please i am so curios to know what is the difference between Gigabyte,Hec,Crosshair...etc PSUs and local PSUs, all these brands of PSUs with 600w cost around 70$-90$ USD while these local PSUs with 1200w only cost around 6$-9$ USD !!! really want to know what is the difference between them and if i bought one these PSUs with 70$ am i wasting my money like this ?
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  1. How quickly do you want to start a fire? The cheap power supplies are cheap for a reason - they lack safety features, use substandard components and are serious fire hazards. Not to be dramatic, but you are risking your life using a cheap psu.

  2. When buying a PSU it is important to get a quality unit as your whole system relies on it. Avoid those cheap units that claim to be 1200watts, as they are low quality, falsely rated (there is no way that a $60 no brand PSU will do 1200watts), and can damage your components. Get a quality unit from Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, or some other quality brand, avoid unknown brand names.

    Hope this helps!
  3. I only purchase Seasonic made PSU's , because of the superior quality and reliability.



    Nice XFX 650W modular made by Seasonic ^
  4. Power supplies are one of the most important (and mostly overlooked) components by people on the cheap...
    Think of a power supply as the heart of your system, it pumps power to all your components, or it doesn't, or worse like others have said it can start a fire if it does.

    Me personally I only trust PC Power & Cooling but the brands mentioned above are good too.

    You also need to consider all your components and then get a power supply that is rated higher than that so that it can handle any possible future upgrades.
  5. They are cheap for a reason. That reason being to separate you from $9. Not to give you an operational or safe PSU.
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