Windows 8 64 bit not using all of my installed memory

ok ok i know this has probably been answered 10x by now, but ive just read through like 6 full posts and didnt see anybody come up with a definitive answer (alot of them i think were old posts) but i have 20GB of memory installed in my systyem right now and under system info it says 20Gb (16 Available) why isnt the last 4gb available? all i kept seeing in the posts i reead through was people with 4gb of ram and people saying it must be a 32 bit/64 bit problem with windows limiting the hardware, but im way up and beyond the 4gb limit of a 32 bit system and am obviously running 64 bit windows 8 any ideas?

it also does this when i have my set of 8GB installed it says like 6.8 available or someting
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  1. I will start by saying that a computer with 20gb of ram is an odd amount, usually it's 16gb, 24gb, or 32gb for computers with large amounts of ram, I don't think I've seen a computer with 20gb.
    Can you list your system spec's , CPU , MB , PSU and especially the ram , brand, model, number of sticks and ram per stick.

    One thing that you can try is to go to run and type in MSCONFIG and then select it, go to the boot tab and click on the advanced tab. Where it says maximum memory check the box and use the up arrow in the box till you see 20gb. Then select ok and apply and restart the computer.
    I don't have Windows 8 but I have Win. 7 so I don't know if getting to the start menu will be the same or not, I don't know if they kept the run box.
  2. i looked ther before posting and the check box is not checked next to max memory which seems like it should not restrict it correct? i will try checking it and turning it up, and yes i know 20gb is an odd amount, i have 2x8gb sticks and 2x2gb stick, i know i know, far from ideal, but i had the 16gb installed and had the 2 slots left over and figured screw it lol, wasnt a permanent thing, just threw em in for now.
    they are all 4 g skill sticks then it also has
    AMD FX 8350 CPU
    ASRock 990FX Extreme3 motherboard
    128gb OCZ SSD
    3 Tb HDD
    Thermaltake 430w PSU
    ATI radeon 5750
  3. Is it in dual channel? (Not just physically but according to the system). With the 16GB in dual channel check whats available, then add 2GB, re-check, swap for the other 2GB and recheck. Check the manual to see if there is a specific way your RAM should be configured. Of course you could go trial and error but I count 24 possible combinations.
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