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So I originally planned on buying the AMD Phenom II x4 and a HD 7750, however when browsing in a Maplins(Electronics store) I found a bundle pack containing 8gbs of Ram, the AMD APU 8 5600k, and a motherboard too go with it. (The Mobo supports Dual Graphics and crossfire...if they aren't the same thing, sorry if I'm making people cry with my ignorance too ;) )

So now I'm wondering, what GPU would be crossfire compatible with the intergrated 7650? Can I even crossfire the intergrated Graphics? I've seen a few posts saying the 6670 is good, whilst the 6570 suffers from less microstutter when crossfired (Which means I can right?) but not sure how much I trust said sources.

I'm on a REALLY tight budget, but plan on saving for something better soon, however as a student, cash isn't available easily for me so this may be awhile, hence the desire for decent playability in a cheapish board. For now, I'm just looking for something that will run ARMA 2 at medium settings. (I doubt I'll be running 1080p if that helps) I have a limit of £70 in total for the GPU... thats about it.

Thanks in advance :)
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    Which Phenom II X4 is it? If it is a Phenom II X4 945, 940, then the 5600K is better, but if it is a Phenom II X4 Black Edition 970, 965, or 955, then go for one of them.

    As for the graphic card, the HD 7750 is the best you can get for around £70

    Forget about crossfire for a while -- mind that power supply has an important rule when it comes to PSU, which is yours by the way?
  2. I've already got the 5600k :)

    Ah, so the 7750 is what I wanna go for? :D

    The PSU, Case and OS are the only things I am in need of so far, a GPU is being looked for though. So at this time I'm not sure what PSU, I've heard I can't skimp there so will most likely get a silverstone strider or corsair which most people have recommended.

    So the 7750? :D Thats what I'd been looking at before, but then I thought on crossfire...although looking up, it seems like crossfire won't help too much...Thanks for the help!!!
  3. With a budget of £70, the HD 7750 is your best bet at the moment -- you still can Crossfire in the future.

    As for the power supply, a single HD 7750 needs at least 400W, but you have plans to Crossfire, then you need a minimum of 500W.

    The point is that you have bought a CPU that can be overclocked -- in order to do so, it needs extra wattage, so you may need more than 500W for Crossfire and overclock.

    SeaSonic X Series X650 Gold

    As for the OS I suggested you the W7 64 bit, unless you are into social media, then get the W8 64 bit.
  4. Ah thanks! Will order tonight!

    Was already planning on the 7-64 bit :P I'm far too lazy too get too know windows 8 :P
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