What Are the Differences Between These Asus Monitors?

The title says it all. I am planning to purchase a new monitor since my old one died on me. I have been looking at the Asus gaming monitors, since that is what I will be doing mostly. These are the two monitors that I cant figure out what the difference between those to are. The thing that confuses me is the price difference. Im serious, an extra $220 for what?

Asus VG248QE -

And the Asus VG248HE -

Also, do you guys have any recommendation on what monitors to buy for under $400 (I know the VG258HE is $460, but if that has better features, then I will think about it)?

I would like it to have 120 Hz refresh rate or more, since I am planning to upgrade to the new series of cards coming out from Nvidia. I wont be running it in surround, and I dont use 3D that much, unless I am watching a movie. Is the Asus
MX279H any good? I can find it on for $332 (Tax not included).

Usage from greatest to least: Gaming, rendering, photoshop, and watching movies.
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  1. Difference is size. Both are great high end monitors with very very close specs.
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    Just throwing out there, if you're looking for a 120Hz monitor, if you've got a budget like that, there's basically one option: The BenQ XL 2020T.

    It's just at the upper end of your price range, but it is by far better than any other 120Hz panel out there when it comes to color accuracy and features. (There are some $600+ korean imports / iiyamas that beat it, but they're both expensive and rare.)
  3. One is a 27 inch the other is a 24. Both are good.
  4. Ohh... I feel so dumb right now, but are there any other monitors you guys would recommend? I'm going to check out the BenQ monitor that Dark pointed out.
  5. The BenQ should arrive in two days!
  6. Hahah, you're going to be happy with it.

    I suggest using the little button thing that comes with it, even though it looks weird.

    I've got the first button set to a gaming mode with high black equalization, high contrast... basically everything I can do to give me an edge.

    The second button is set as a mode for single player gaming and media use, with as good quality color as I can get.

    My third button is for working at night, with low brightness and high contrast.
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