Really Weird Laptop Problem. Help?

Alright so let me explain my problem.

I recently bought an Acer Aspire V3-551-8469 laptop.

Barely three weeks in, it's giving me issues already.

When I try to cold boot it, it will either:

1. Load up to the "accounts" screen, then when I try to log in, it restarts.
2. Load up to the "accounts" screen, then when I try to log in, the screen turns into vertical blue lines and I have to hold down the power button.
3. Won't load to the accounts page and either restarts or gives me the "blue lines" screen.

A combination of those things will happen and only very rarely can I log in.

BUT, here's the twist....If I plug in my power adapter, ALL PROBLEMS VANISH. If my laptop is connected to a power source, there are no more blue lines or restarting.

I nuked my HDD with DBAN and reinstalled Windows 8 and all the drivers so it can't be a software problem.

The blue lines makes me think it could be my GPU but then why doesn't it happen when my power is plugged in? And it doesn't explain why it restarts either.

I thought it might be a loose connection to the screen so I took my laptop apart completely and reconnected everything....Still doesn't work.

I'm at a loss to explain why this is happening. How would plugging the power in fix everything? Sending it in for repairs is a last resort, as I use this for work and it still functions. I'm no stranger to replacing hardware so if you think that is the problem then I can fix it.

Thanks :)

*Also, if I plug the laptop in and log in, then let it go to sleep, it will log me in without having to be plugged in. In other words, the problems only happen when I try to cold boot the laptop without having it plugged in.*
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  1. I would have sent it back to the company you purchased it from. You might have voided your warranty by taking it apart.
  2. Considering that power management changes when AC is plugged in, it could be a CPU or motherboard issue. Try setting your power manager to force it to High Performance while on battery and see if it happens while unplugged. If it does, then it could be a battery issue.
  3. I'm more of the do-it-yourself kinda guy.

    The laptop was only a cheap replacement until I can gather enough funds for a better one.
  4. The Battery is NOT delivering anymore. maybe select a replacement
  5. I followed leo2kp's advice and it seems to be working.

    Something from the power management is screwing up my boot process.

    I'll reset everything to default and individually test each variable.

    I'll post back later with the results. Thanks leo2kp :)
  6. could be a driver issue. could completely uninstall amd drivers then reinstall. I had that issues with amd 13.8 drivers on windows 7 with power mode switch. whats funny is had no issue with 13.7 or 9. I haven't delt with windows 8 yet. I know in windows 7 u could do a driver roll back which considering its new could have just updated drivers in background which started your issue. theres my 1 cent.
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