Windows keeps freezing after 20 seconds from logging in

Alright, so I'm quite a newbie when it comes to computer and I'm having this problem that I cannot figure out.

The problem is this, I'll sign into my pc account and everything works normally, allows me to open the internet and all other programs but only for the first 20 seconds or so. Then everything seems to freeze. I can't open up my start up menu nor can I select any of my minimized programs. I can't click on my desktop icons, it doesn't even show that I'm hovering over them nor can I right click and open the drop down menu. I don't know what to do cause I've never had this problem before nor can I find anyone who has on the internet. If anyone has any ideas on how to fix it, please tell me!
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  1. Does it do this in safe mode?
  2. It works completely fine in Safe Mode. If it helps, I went to system configuration and into the services tab and disabled all non microsoft services and it seems to run fine like that but now I can't access my other programs since it's disabled.
  3. Does it come up with any error messages when you try to access your programs? What have you added/done recently up till this started occurring? Lastly what program are you trying to run specifically?
  4. No, the only program that I've tired opening is a game called League of Legends, it didn't seem to work so I assumed others didn't work. But I think I made some progress in my problem, I went and opened up some of the programs and it seems as though Skype is the problem. After I opened this up my problem happened. Which would make sense because I had tried selecting only a few programs to startup when my computer booted and Skype was one of them. So I'm unistalling skype right now and turning all the other programs on, hopefully this is my problem. If it isn't, any other ideas? And to answer your questions, I've been out of town for the past 3 weeks and while I was out, my internet was out for 2 weeks so it's possible that my family might have downloaded something but the problem hadn't happened until I had gotten on and I hadn't downloaded anything, it just sorta happened out of the blue.
  5. So I uninstalled Skype and everything seems to be working properly now! My only question is why is it doing this now? I've been using Skype for a very long time and never once had an issue with it. Any ideas?
  6. I don't really know why it would do it all of a sudden. Doing a virus scan wouldn't be a bad idea. Theres nothing in skype that should cause anything like this, I would try reinstalling it.
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