Corsair or XFX 750w PSU?

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  1. Go with the corsair,it's very good.
  2. compare warranty, if equal, price, then maybe looks, cables, etc :)

    both are good. i go with seasonic personally
  3. Yeah both seem good but most of the reviewers side with the xfx on terms of silence which is a huge factor for me. Both are modular and same price so I'm not sure :/
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    then go with xfx, they also have good reputation, you cant go wrong with either of the two choices.
    with that said, since noise is important to you then go with xfx
  5. Exactly what I was think! Thanks ;)
  6. Do you even need a 750W PSU?
  7. 4745454b said:
    Do you even need a 750W PSU?

    Don't think so :p
    But it was only $10 more then the corsair hx 650w so I figured I could future proof the next 3-5 years
  8. Personally like the corsair,long cables.
  9. Do you even need a 650W? A single GTX680 and 77W CPU only draws around 300W. A good 500W is more then enough.
  10. My build takes up ~400w,
    I'm gonna OC and figured I should get the big PSU to support me for the next few years
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