Youtube buffering incredibly slow on certain devices, but not others

So, I am suddenly having an issue with streaming youtube and I cannot figure out why. The problem only just started and while I hope im not jumping the gun here, it's annoying.

My father likes to stream youtube on his iPad. Usually, it buffers rather quickly. Plays instantly, never tops to buffer. But suddenly it buffers extremely slow and freezes quite often. He tried youtube on his phone (Galaxy S3), same problem. He tried it on his TV (a Samsung...but not sure which) same story. The videos buffer very slowly and freeze constantly.

EVERY OTHER DEVICE in the house streams youtube fine. The consoles, my ipod, everyone else's phone, even the kindle. None of them have any problems. Oddly enough, it is only my dad's ipad, my dad's tv, and my dad's phone. Nothing changed, it as working all day then suddenly a few hours ago it just went to hell.

It is worth mentioning browsing the internet on his ipad as well as streaming Hulu and Netflix do work perfectly fine on his iPad. It is only youtube. being that he spends all of his time on youtube, it a problem.

(our cable provider is Brighthouse (Florida) and we have a D-Link router, but like I said, no other device has issues streaming youtube).
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  1. This can be quite an annoying issue since its hard to pin point the exact problem given the details you provided. Have you tried checking to see if there is an update for your dad's device's? Try checking your router to see how many devices are actually connected in your home simultaneously. If there is a lot of users on the network at any given time, your bandwidth will divided indefinitely among all the devices connected. Best way to confirm this is to disconnect everything from the router (any device hard-wired/wireless) except your dads devices. Then check to see the results.

    -Possible outcomes:

    -your dad's devices will work fine therfore add each device one at a time to see if there are any changes in activity

    -your dad's devices are still running haywire. You may need to designate a static IP instead of using your router's DHCP service.

    This is all I can come up with atm so I hope this helps XD.
  2. It's something, and I appreciate it. Only things connected to the router right now are my laptop (which I am on right now) and his ipad, tv, and phone. Everything else is either off or disconnected. All of his devices were working fine a few hours ago (oddly enough when several more devices were on).

    He has a first gen ipad, and being that he still has that old youtube app, he obviously hasn't updated to iOS6. However, like I said...this probably has only just started a while ago. He hasn't updated the damn thing in at least a year or two and its always worked fine. I just find it odd that the only devices having trouble streaming youtube are all his devices.

    I have tried resetting the router, downloading the youtube app, and neither worked.

    What did kind of work was accessing youtube through an actual browser on the ipad (chrome) and it loaded the videos much faster and actually played most of the time (still with some freezing, but not nearly as much).

    I'm sorry im not being clear enough, haha. If it isn't apparent, I am not entirely tech savvy.

    But again, its only the youtube apps/access that aren't running as smoothly as they were a few hours ago. Everything else, including other streaming services (like Hulu and Netflix, which I tested) as well as internet access run smoothly an perfectly.
  3. That is very unusual. I would advise looking (google) into whether or not others have experienced the same problem with. One last solution I could suggest is remove your dads devices and test each one by itself. Be sure to also restart them before hand just as an extra pre-caution.
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