Gigabyte Z77 can't boot from disc drive

I'm trying to boot from a CD, but no matter what I try my PC always boots from my SSD. I've changed the boot order, disabled all the hard drives and it still boots from the SSD.

Anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening?
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  1. How does it boot from ssd if the drives are disabled?

    Most bios need a key press to boot from CD. Make sure you have your splash screen disabled.
  2. Yes, if I disable all my hard drives it still boots from SSD. I have my splash screen on, I'll disable it when I get home and look for a key.
  3. Disable splash. You should see something like "press any key to boot from CD". Press a key on the keyboard to boot from optical drive.
  4. I've tried F12 for boot menu and selected my disc drive from there. Is that what you mean or is there a different button?
  5. It should be any button. F12 sounds like one of those "which disk do you want to boot from" things.

    Did you try reading the manual?
  6. Yeah F12 was the which disc to boot from menu. I'm still at work at the moment, I'll be home in about 3 hours, so I'll try disabling the splash screen and have a look at the manual when I'm home.
  7. The problem was pressing F10 in BIOS wasn't saving the settings for some reason, but if I used my mouse to save the settings it booted from CD. Silly keyboard
  8. May I have your help guys. I install win 7 on my 2T SATA II HHD, and after that I install a intel 180G SSD, I mirror win 7 from HHD to SSD by using intel software, and then try to boot from SSD. I connected SSD to SATA III port number 0, but can not find SSD in BIOS boot screen, what's this problem? Thanks for help.
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