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I run a Minecraft server (nooby i know dont hate) and i built the computer for and have it running right next to my router which is in my living room, so i didnt want a full setup, monitor, and so on. I have it setup with remote desktop and my issue is everything shuts down as soon as i log off (i run the remote desktop off my gaming computer) and i want this server to be 24/7, is there a way that this computer can run as if sombody was using without falling asleep after i log off of remote desktop. Ive done some tests, i can join it when remote desktop is off but other people cant so i think the internet disconnects, so it seems like a simple issue but i cant figure out the issue for the life of me. Thanks!
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  1. Check your power settings and make sure it's on High Performance, disable hibernation and sleep modes.
  2. You run Windows or Linux?
    I need more info, but usualy running the minecraft server process as a SERVICE should fix that problem.
    Runing it as user program it will be switched off when you logout.
  3. Windows 7 right now 64x
  4. Yes you have to run it as a service or when you log off it will close all open programs. The other answer is to not log off the remote desktop just hit the X in the upper righ hand corner of remote desktop it will close on your computer but leave the session open on the server and you can leave it that way with no issue. When you connect next time it will keep your same session open and you can edit whatever you need to.

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