SATA to USB problem on 3.5 HDD

Ok I bought this converter :

to recover data from my old HDD which is this

When I connected for the first time with both power and converter attached, the disk didn't even spin. I disconnected the USB from laptop still it didn't work, then I removed the converter from back of HDD and then only connected the power cable and then turned the power on and it started spinning.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong here, I tried changing the position of the jumper and it didn't work.

So why my hdd is spinning only when I connect the power cable but not when the converter is also attached.
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    I have same interface and use it to recover files from other disks or back-up before an OS Re-install:

    1. Hdd must be powered with adapter included with interface (directly)

    2. On interface there is a green (power) and a red (ATA or S-ATA) led... which should be lited when interface is connected to USB 2.0 port in computer.

    3. Then you should see the disk in device manager => drive management.... or directly in My Computer.
    Need more for "RECOVER" part. I assumed that disk is functional and files were deleted accidentaly or disk formatted.

    4. Use RECUVA for file recovery or Partition Table Doctor for lost partitions. Make sure you recover the files onto another disk!

    PS: For ATA interface put jumpers in SLAVE mode . Some disk wont work properly with Master mode on this interface.
  2. There is a green led on power adapter. But I don't see any red led anywhere on converter.

    HDD was in working condition.

    It is strange. As soon as I disconnect the converter from HDD it starts to spin.

    I did try jumper in Slave mode but still facing the same problem.
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