Video Player woes "shell" listed above media properties in actions window menu

I am having a lot of problems with media players. I suspect that they are simply too complex for the XP to handle. Real Player didn't install right so I removed it and it left debris around & VLC was a total disaster and my thumbnails were disabled . So I am back with a limping Windows media that I can only choose to run and the menu for opening a file has "shell " at the top instead of "Play". Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Chris
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  1. Hi Chris,

    First, are you sure your Windows XP is virus / malware free? Did you perform a complete scan of your system?

    VLC and RealPlayer should install with no problems, it appears something is messed up in your windows permissions.

    Try installing the below codec pack, just to make sure it's not a codec-related problem. After that, you can use Media Player Classic (that comes with the pack) to play your files.
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