Older Buffalo NAS, max disk size capacity?

I recently came across a new Buffalo TerraStation PRO II TS-H2.0TGL/R5 and would build like to it out with 4x 3tb drives. I want use it to store pictures, videos and music. The product page specifies that the max total size the NAS is capable of is 2tb running 4x 500gb drives. I spent a lot of time searching the internet for someone that has used larger drives in this model and couldn't really find much. I really don't expect anyone to be familiar with this exact model, but just in general; would larger disks likely be compatible? 2tb? 3tb?

This is the old newegg product page for the device.
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    I run a tera station 3 and use 2TB drives in the array.
  2. I note this old thread is resolved - although tripledouce uses 2TB drives in the terastation 3, your machine is a Terastation 2. Did you successfully install the drives? I have the same NAS box and desperately need to extend!
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