Replacing my AMD mobo for a new One/Reinstalling my OS

Hey there, so I bought the HP p7- 1254 desktop about 1 or 2 years ago. It came with a AMD Hudson-D2 FCH motherboard for AMD APU processors. I want to buy a new AMD mobo so I can get a better processor for gaming. Seeing as how I'm replacing a AMD mobo for a better AMD mobo, will I be able to do a repair install of my Win7 without any problems or should I reformat my hdd and do a clean install? The reason why I want to do a repair install is because I believe my OS is a OEM and Im trying to figure out a way, if possible, to getting it to work with a new mobo. If there are no possible way I will have to buy Windows 7.
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  1. Given that you copy of Windows 7 is a OEM and thus tied to the hardware replacing the motherboard will break the activation even if you could get the system running on the new motherboard. The biggest problem would be that Windows does not really like motherboard transplants anyway so there is good chance that if you did get it running it would not be stable. Best bet would be to get a copy of Windows 7x64 when you get your new motherboard.
  2. If the new motherboard uses the same chipset it might work. And sometimes Microsoft will activate a windows if you had to replace the motherboard for good cause (eg. broke).
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