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Hi there,

I have my PC upstairs in my computer room and my TV downstairs. I have everything hard wired. I am trying to figure out how I can network my external and internal storage drives to actually play from upstairs to my samsung TV (UN55D6000), so I dont have to run upstairs and back down connecting the HD to and from everytime I want to put something new on and watch it.

Oh, I can actually see my PC and laptop under my TV's source list and it says Network:PC:etc...

I just cant get it to read my internal or external.

-Windows 7
-Hardwired (everything is running into my Shaw Cable modem/switch)
-Samsung TV (UN55D6000)

I do also have the drives shared to the network it says PC:/Comp/Storage when I look at sharing options.

Media streaming is turned on, both my TV and Comp are selected as 'allow'.

any help would be awesome! thank you!!!
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    download "PC Share Manager" app for the TV and it should let you see network drives and PC share folders.
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