Clean install of Upgrade Win 8 Pro in SSD

I have upgraded Win 8 to Win 8 Pro. I bought the upgrade, have the key and the upgrade disc. I have called Microsoft and they said it is legal to do a clean install under these circumstances.

They even gave me a number to call in case I had a problem with activating windows. I will be getting a Samsung 840 Pro 256 gb ssd shortly.

My question is this. After doing the clean install and doing the windows updates and new drivers, suppose I just reconnect the old hdd and leave it as is. I will only install a few programs and 2 games on the ssd. This way if the ssd fails I will have everything backed up on the hdd. Plus I have lots of storage left on the old hdd.

Is this feasible or just a hair brained idea. I am not familiar with ssd's, or even hdd's for that matter. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions. Thanks for your time.
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  1. I would consider it hair brained to do it any other way. I'm assuming you partitioned your Hard Drive with just the OS on C:\. If not it gets a bit messy knowing what is what.

    To do this:

    1. Disconnect the HD data cable and install Windows to the SSD (connected to SATA 0)
    2. Do all windows and driver updates
    3. Turn off PC and connect HD (connected to SATA 1)
    4. Reinstall anything ya want working under both boots over itself to set registry settings on SSD
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    Yeah, that's pretty much it. Plug the HDD back in. Personally, I would wipe the HDD, and then use some backup functionality (ex DriveimageXML) to back up the SDD. Then install whatever as normal.

    -Be sure to verify the boot order in the BIOS. You don't want it to boot from the HDD.
    -Turn off Hibernation on the SSD. From an elevated command prompt powercfg -h off
    -Verify defrag is OFF on the SDD
    -Create a folder on your HDD - "Downloads". In whatever browser you use, point the default download location to that new folder. No reason to have that stuff take up space on the SDD
  3. Thanks guys. I have been away for a while and wasn't able to respond promptly as you did. I appreciate your taking the time and effort to offer your advice. Take care.

    Update: I have just ordered the Samsung 840 Pro. I found it on sale today and couldn't resist. Just warning that I may be back here looking for more advice in a few days. Thanks again.

    OK. The SSD has arrived, installed and is smoking! I had a few hiccups with the installation but all is well. I have installed 2 games and 3 programs. I will keep this one humming for a while before I mess with the old hdd. Best wishes.
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