Can I have a 1440p monitor and a 1080p TV connected at the same time?

I have a HD 7850, I am more than likely getting a 1440p monitor, but if I want to play games on my TV which is 1080p, how do I change the settings back to 1080p in game from 1440p?

EDIT: Might sound silly, but if the game is set at 1440p, then my TV won't recognize it, so will I have to change the settings to 1080p from the 1440p monitor or will it downscale for my TV?
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  1. Are you actually moving the machine back and forth? If so, when you power it off and plug in the other monitor then your desktop resolution should just switch when you boot (after you set them the first time, but they should just auto-detect). If you have them both connected at once then you can control each monitor independently.

    If you care about desktop icon positions I would suggest a tool that saves them, because they will keep resorting themselves as you go from monitor to TV and back all the time.
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