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Im going to order all my pc components soon and just doing some last minute checks , maybe save some money . Im having trouble selecting a motherboard due to not having much idea about each individual chipset.
My current motherboard selection is a GIGABYTE GA-Z77-DS3H for £70.
But from what i can gather z77 and z75 are geared towards overclocking which i have no interest in as im using an I5 3350p as my cpu.
Ive noticed if i change to Z68,B75,H61 etc , i can save anywhere from £20-£30. So would i be losing anything by changing to a cheaper chipset?

Not interested in overclocking, i will have a graphics card (radeon 1gb 7790) and i will only use 1 graphics card.
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  1. Going to H61 you will lose support for SATA 3 and USB 3.
    B75 is the minimum chipset I would look at to save some money.
  2. Hm found a gigabyte Z68 , for £50 , ment to be £70
    and also found a b75 for £50.
    Dont want to lose sata 3 or usb 3.
  3. MSI B75 A G41

    OK for a I5 3350P ,8gb ram 1600mhz,1gb radeon 7790 gfx card ?
  4. OK.
    Those specs will fit perfectly with your build.
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