Why doesn't the Lenovo Y500 have NVIDIA Optimus Technology?

I am wondering what is the reason that the Ideapad Y500 doesn't have Optimus technology enabled? Is it more expensive for Lenovo? Do they have to pay a special fee to NVIDIA For enabling it or do they just not have Optimus by choice?

This is the laptop I'm referring to btw
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  1. Measly 5400 rpm HD too.

    Id buy this instead

    It has the 660M which has been reported as comparable to the 750M but the 750M should be cheaper when it hits the streets at more vendors.
  2. Hello,

    I've done my fair share of researching and I am limited to a $600 budget matched with another $300-ish by my parents. I choose the Lenovo for the backlit keyboard. I will not be gaming that much on it and I appreciate the quality build (and the Matte displays) that Lenovo is using in their laptops (they used to be Glossy). I am not considering any other laptops although I do appreciate your advice and I know you had my best interests at heart.

    I was just curious to why the Y500 doesn't have Optimus (I am not buying the laptop until August so If the Y580 gets upgraded hardware I will just go with it since it has Optimus)
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    It is more expensive, because it requires additional hardware and drivers. What you gain is very little power saving on a laptop that is advertised for gaming / entertainment and not running on battery very long anyway. Taking out half of the 12GB ram will probably save more power then Optimus can do.
  4. august is a long way away. The Y500 will be old news by then :p
  5. Thanks Noidea! You seem to have an "idea" teehee. I had no idea that ram consumed so much power!
    Yillbs, I would love if you gave me your laptop.... those specs, weight, *drools* :P
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