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How do I completely remove and delete Internet Explorer from my Windows 7 Ultimate..? I hate this piece of crap and I have to remove it completely.. I am running Firefox.. Thanks...
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  1. well if you really want to fully remove IE you are going to have to uninstall windows...
  2. Thanks for answering Ohmybad.. Much appreciated... So does that mean that I can't really uninstall or delete Internet Explorer if I want to run Windows 7 Ultimate..?
  3. Doesn't sound Microsoft wants that off "their" computer...but :
  4. It will not completely remove it ,but this will remove all links for starting it. Basically disabling it.
    Start button
    Control panel
    Programs and Features
    On the left hand pane "Turn Windows Features on or off.
    Remove the check mark from Internet Explorer9/10 whichever you have installed..
  5. Thanks ur6beersaway... I will certainly check out those links you sent over... Cheers...
  6. IE shares many subsystems with the overall Windows installation. It is not a single, discreet application.

    If you buy a European version, a non-IE Windows installation may be possible.
  7. Hi Rick... Thanks for that... But I have already done that a few times..It disables it as you said but it doesn't remove it completely from my system which is what I require... I just want to obliterate completely from my system but it looks as if as one member suggested that if I want to remove IE I might have to uninstall Windows... Geez, Microsoft does not give me a choice in this one it seems... Cheers...
  8. Thanks USAFRET... Now that's an interesting idea... But how do I get a hold of an European version...? Cheers...
  9. The European version still has a lot of IE integrated in the operating system. You would not gain anything buy going that route.
    If you open Task manager you will find several Instances of Explorer running. Depending on what other Microsoft programs you have running at that time
    Explorer, Iexplorer, Iexplorer32 etc.
    Windows can not operate without it.
    The European version just installs Whatever browser you choose as the default browser instead of IE.
  10. Unolocogringo said:

    The European version just installs Whatever browser you choose as the default browser instead of IE.

    Right. As said...IE shares many subsystems with the overall Windows system.
    But you can have the illusion of having no IE.
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