Monitor for my Money *Please Help*

Hi, I need a monitor to go along well with this rig...

Since I've got a pretty nice GPU, I plan to play my games over Medium settings. Past that it just depends on the game. For example, I want to play Skyrim at High and don't really care about Ultra. I want to play all the ARMA games at around the same settings. Could somebody recommend a monitor to me for nothing more than $100-$150. I don't want anything bigger than 20 inches please. Thanks.
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  1. Nothing bigger than 20 in? why theres not much to choose from then

    I really recommend you go for a 23 inch for $150. but if u want a small monitor then here you go
  2. It`s very sad to play with a such little monitor mymoneymonitor, my money monitor and of course, my money monitor
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