ASUS HD7750 Not running 3 monitors

I've now tried to get 3 monitors to work with 3 different video cards.

I can always get 2/3 monitors to work. NEVER the third at the same time. The video card DOES detect the 3rd monitor via the control center.

Vid cards that haven't worked include:

I've updated the drivers to the best of my knowledge...

I'm trying to run 1 Samsung 24" monitor via the Star Tech DisplayPort to DVI Active Adapter. 1 Samsung Monitor (24") via DVI, and one (Samsung 23.6") via HDMI.

The Asus vid card has 1 dvi, 1 hdmi and 1 display port.

here's my rig.

Gateway DX4840-11c
i3 processor 550
4GB DDR3 memory
Win 7 64-bit

All monitors work independantly, I've tested ALL via extended desktop on laptop.

Any help would be wonderful. Nothing is working...any reasons why?
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  1. What you are describing sounds like you are using a passive display port adapter. Buy an active one (its $30 vs $15) and all should be fine. Active adapters have also been known to fail. Is this one the one you are using?

    Be sure you are setting up eyefinity through catalyst, windows wont work. First step is to clone all monitors off the primary then tell catalyst where they are, then create an eyefinity group.

    Lastly, a 7750 doesn't have the power to run extremely high definitions like the ones available to native 24" monitors. You will need more muscle for that. it'll run three monitors just fine, but when you try to do BF3 in 5760x1080 its gonna freeze up.
  2. I'll order a new display adapter I guess, I'm currently trying to use...the

    Star Tech DisplayPort to DVI Active Adapter -- DP2DVIS

    I'm not doing 3 monitors for gaming...really its just to open more programs to work with doing my work day...I run a ton of websites and for social media I need lots of stuff open to view to save me time.

    I've been running 2 monitors for 2 years no problem, I had no idea a bump to 3 was so "technical". I've been running ULTRAMON software for 2 monitors...does anyone know if Ultramon runs 3 monitors?
  3. I use two Accell Active DP to DVI adapters ( on a 6950) from Amazon and they work fine. With AMD drivers pre-installed you really don't have to create an eyefinity display group if you are not going to play games across three monitors. It will auto detect and work without doing anything.
  4. This is what I don't get. I'm using as a guide for what ACTIVE adapter I need to get...

    So I go and buy this one.

    and its not working!?

    Next suggestion?
  5. What AMD drivers do I need to install? I've got these ones...

    DO I need to get ASUS drivers here? too?
  6. You only need the 13.4 AMD driver. If you have multiple drivers installed, Uninstall all of them completely including the Catalyst install manager. Then restart and make sure there is nothing left in the control panel ( AMD or Asus video drivers ), so that you only using the windows default driver. Then re-install the 13.4 driver. I understand your frustration with your Star-tech active adapter. I have seen other people having issues with those, don't why as they clearly are on the recommended list. I can only tell you that the Accell adapters seem to work for most people.
    I just noticed that the Asus driver is much bigger than the AMD driver, so it can't be the same. I would uninstall all of the Asus specialty drivers, like GPU tweek ( if you installed it ), and install 13.4 first and then after you have everything working right, you could experiment with there GPU tweek driver, which is only an add on feature.
  7. Could it be at all possible that this is my motherboard? It's a 1.5 yr old Gateway box I purchased at best buy. It's been running great w/ 2 monitors for 1.5 yrs
  8. No, if your system runs fine with 2 monitors, then the third monitor is simply a function of the video card, driver and the active adapter. Possibly your Startech adapter is defective? Your gateway MB is probably an OEM from Asus, DFI or another major manufacturer.
  9. What about fact that 2 samsung monitors are 24" model #B2430H 1.5 yrs old, and 1 is 23.6" Samsung model #S24C350LH just purchasd last week.
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