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problems reformatting netbook.

April 29, 2013 8:05:35 PM

hi, i am trying to reformat my sony vaio netbook using a 1gb ntfs usb.
i used unetboot and downloaded ISO of windows xp.

when i try to change the bootpriority to REMOVABLE DISK.
itsjust show a blinkingdash...
and i think that is the problem.
just before that , the netbook is working but because it have many errors and virus i decided to reformat it and search the web on how..

i put the usb with the windows xp files on the netbook and set the setup on the desktop, its running smoothy until its restart and goes to the blue screen with the WINDOWS is running the setup.

when it goes to the partition selection, and i try to delete the C: harddrive. it says
"setup is unable to perform the requested operation on the selected partition this partition contains temporary setup files.....

i continue the setup but when it goes on the copying files.
" cannot copy bootvid.dll "
if u are using a cd please insert it in the cd/dvd rom.

but i dont have a cdrom because its a netbook.
edit: it keeps booting windowssetup automatically when hardrive is set to bootpriority even without the usb. i think the setup files is save on the harddisk.
the netbook is not booting from usb also, it doesnt read my flash disk.

please help.
i been trying to reformat it for 1month i tried every options on the web but still not working. that why i try to post here...

please dont snob my thread.
i really need help .
thank you guys.

sorry for bad english i am pilipino.