BF3 aiming issues... is it my mouse, video card, CPU, lag?

Let's get this out of the way - my rig is not top-of-the-line. But please keep reading... laugh.

It's above minimum requirements though.

Intel Duo Core 3.30 overclocked, GTX 560 twin Frozer, 4 gigs ram, and a mouse that has multiple dpi settings.

Issue I have is: When I am aiming for center of mass on the opponent ... lets say I am sniping. I know aim for the head.. so same issue: It seems that my aim does not smoothly move from one pixel to another...

like I cant aim straight and then if needed move diagonal or whatever I need to do to get the kill.

The aim it seems... to me.. is like moving in a fixed square pattern... and it skips huge chunks of space.. like a good centimeter of room from where the crosshair was.. to where it is now.
I am aiming left and I need to aim a bit right... the crosshair goes...waaaaaaay right of where I wanted it. BAM! Miss...

I know about the holding down shift to control breathing, aiming ahead of the target. Was wondering if its hardware that's holding me back too.

I dont know if that makes sense. What hardware would need to upgraded? I am assuming the CPU.
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  1. My money is on mouse, actually mousepad. Had the same issues in different games, removed my mousepad to where the mouse is on the bare wood of the desk and all is better now.
  2. The CPU should be upgraded to be Quad Core to run it smoothly
  3. What Intel Duo do you have? There are tons of them.
  4. Your mouse is your weapon..
    Try to use different mouse..or mousepad
  5. Cheapest solutions seems mousepad... I'll start with that.
  6. If you are using a TV not a monitor turn off any post processing features (if you can) as they increase input lag alot. Does lowering the graphics settings or changing the mouse settings help? Does the map size make any difference and is it the same in multi & single player?
  7. barto said:
    What Intel Duo do you have? There are tons of them. My CPU-Z
  8. got rid of the cheap mousepad, and I been using my plain desktop / wood(?) some improvement going to get one of those "expensive" mousepads and see whats up with that.
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