Two new laptops from different makers, both crash playing same game?

Hi all, this one has got me really confused, I'm hoping you can help.

I bought a brand new HP notebook a couple weeks back; Win8, AMD dual core processor, 4 gm ram. I downloaded a Wild Tangent/HP racing game from the official site (no viruses)....about 30 minutes into the game, it suddenly blue-screened on me with no warning. After rebooting it, it was fine...nevertheless, I took it back and traded it for a Gateway notebook; Win 8, Pentium dual core, 4 gb ram. Downloaded/played the same game, and about 20 minutes into it I got a washed out display, and then it completely shut down on me. But this time I noticed that there was HOT air coming out of the side vent, like the processor was really cooking. Again, rebooted fine.

My question; I have never had a laptop or notebook computer before; are there some programs that will run 'em hot enough to actually trip the cpu protection? These are both brand new machines....I ran 'em on a flat table with no vent obstructions, no obvious reason for them to this normal?

Thanks for any help you can give.
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  1. I can't say for sure that it's what happened, but yes, it's possible.
    My old Toshiba Core 2 Duo laptop tended to overheat a lot, and would shut down without warning. I had to get a cooling pad and lower the max CPU state in the power settings.
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    With laptops now there two issue that you have to watch out when gaming.
    With laptops the low to mid price ones going to have under powered CPU and intel or low end amd gpu chip.there fine for web. And light games. Some of the newer mid range units now have nvidia and or amd gpu. When they have those duel gpu system in the bios you have to reset power management..gpu field if your going to game with the unit. With power management on the more powerful gpu is turned off. Most off the shelf laptop will do light gaming but do to the small size of a laptop they will over heat without the aid of a cooling pad. For the money your better off with a small itx gaming system.
  3. This is indeed a low priced notebook ($300), so is that what's happening? Is the processor simply not up to the task? I do know that the gpu is part of the processor on both of the ones I had (have).

    I will get a cooling pad tomorrow and post the results...I'm really hoping that does the trick.

    Thanks for the input, definitely food for thought.
  4. Download and run speccy it tell you your system info. If your units have i3 pr slower CPU there going to have intel 2000 ipgpu built into the CPU. If that the ipgpu that in the laptop it ok for light gaming.
  5. I think the problem is solved. Today I bought a nice laptop cooler for it, and I've been playing the game now for two hours with no problem. Thanks for your answers :)
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