7950 and ssd or just 7970

I'm building a new gaming rig this summer and as the title says I'm trying to decide between a 7950 and SSD or just a 7970. This computer will just be for gaming and surfing the web. If its relevant I'll be using an I5 3570k as the cpu.

Which option do you guys think would be more optimal for my intended use.
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  1. You could go for 7950 + ssd then OC the GPU to 7970 stock settings
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    The 7950 is already a very powerful card. Unless you're planning on EyeFinity gaming, the SSD + 7950 is the better way to go. The SSD will vastly improve you're experiences in everything except gaming.

    Also, new Intel chips are coming out in June, so wait for those before deciding on the i5-3750K.
  3. It depends. The 7970 is decently stronger than the 7950, about 10%. If you overclock, that margin will increase. Here is what you are choosing between: 16 second boot time, and smaller load times and lower fps; or 40 second boot time, longer loading, and better graphics/lower fps. Neither is a bad choice.
  4. I'd go SSD anyday. Much bigger difference when launching programs or anything else installed on SSD.
  5. Thanks for the quick replies guys 7950 and SSD it is.
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