Help buying a new GPU, Skyrim (and maybe Crisis 1) quality desired

I'm looking to upgrade my GPU and don't know enough about the current market of GPU's to know what cards are really going to be a good deal.

I'm looking for in the $100-140 price range
I want to be able to maximize my price per performance for Skyrim and League of Legends (and maybe Crisis and Fallout but i bet my processor will bottleneck Crisis)

Before I buy i also wanted to check for possible bottle necks so I'll post my current basic specs (why spend money on a GPU if I'll be bottle necked right?)

Win 7 64-bit
Processor: AMD phenom 9550 Quad-core Processor 2.2GHz
RAM: 6gb
PSU: 850W Corsair (In transit, currently stock 300W PSU but w/e)

Most imprtant as far as FPS is actually League of Legends but I assume that the difference in higher end cards are negligble on LoL (correct me if I'm wrong?) so I guess the proformance on Skyrim, Fallout and Crisis are the things to really compare.

Thanks for the help!

P.S if my CPU will bottle neck Skyrim Suitable replacement suggestions would not be discouraged.
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  1. A Radeon 7770 will fit that budget. But 2.2GHz is slowish. Might struggle in some cases.
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