Dell Optiplex 7010 desk top, low profile card required

Hi I want a Low profile graphics card to work with my stock PSU, Yes its a small psu too. 250 watts. Sub £100 ideally, and how would your suggestion compare to the HD4000 Graphics on board currently?
I play WOT mostly and will play other games too if the card could cope. Can I replace my PSU?
Thanks in advance.

I've been surfing Dell do a AMD 7570 1gb for my PC is that card any good for my needs?
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    Your power supply, according to Dell, is a gold certified 250w unit. Dell also says you can use the 7570 as an optional gpu. The HD7750 is also a good choice - it is the fastest gpu you can get that operates on the power provided by your PCIe slot alone.

    Regarding replacing your psu, Dell has a habit of using parts that are "non-standard" form factors, especially in slim line cases. Your best bet is to measure your psu, including the spacing on the mounting screws, and see if it is a standard ATX form factor. If not, it will be difficult to find a suitable replacement unless it is from Dell.

  2. Thanks Mark 7570 it is then.

  3. You're welcome. Just for grins, do you really need a low profile card? If you have the vertical clearance, the 7750 is a much better card and uses less power.

  4. Well I thought I bought a MicroTower until I opened the box and it was a desktop case. I nearly bought a Afox Top end card but at £225+ No sale or return, I do not think It will fit.
    Thank you for your help as I had not thought about the card you mentioned, there seems to be a few on the web at reasonable prices.
    Reasonable enough to get it a whirl and see what frame rates I will get. Got to be better then the intel HD4000 onboard I guess, what do you think?
  5. A kid with a crayon is probably better that the HD4000.

    I don't think you can go wrong with the 7750 if you have the room.

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