PC games with a low age rating?

Hi there, I am going to build a new PC and have my eye on a Geforce GTX 660. But the thing is, I'm 13 years old and I have rather strict parents who will not let me play 18 age rated games (or 15 for that matter) so are there any GPU demanding games that have a maximum of a 12 age rating?
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  1. on top of my head... no, nothing
  2. Hmm... racing games comes to mind as a genre that would fit. Also Valve's games, most notably Portal 2. They aren't the most graphically demanding, but they're 'purty.

    Also, consider talking to your parents about what it is about mature games they disprove of, and if you could have them read reviews of individual games and O.K. them - A lot of the "age restricted" games are because of language or, in the case of a number of strategy games, blood that can be turned off anyways.
  3. Consider racing games. They're often the best-looking games, great fun and little/no violence. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is well worth a look.
  4. You could look at indie games. Kerbal Space Program, Torchight 1/2, Bastion, etc. They are either nonviolent or cartoon violence.
  5. Ooh, second the vote for Bastion - loved that game!

    That being said, indie games aren't going to have the graphics you're looking for.
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    Might be able to get away with RTS games, there is violence but you see very little of it being high above the combat. Will take some convincing though.
    Sins of a Solar Empire is an easy option if your into strategy.
    There are city builder games like Sim City 4 (of you want to brave the server situation) or Tropico 4 (Think a Cuban dictator simulator :D).

    Aforementioned Valve games and Portal series, they really are very good, no violence games that looks very nice.

    Definite +1 to Indie games, they wont push the graphics card in any way but are very good and often have great aesthetics. I suggest looking into Braid, LIMBO, Machinarium, Super Meat Boy and the BIT.TRIP series. You might even be able to buy Humble Bundles off people, they have a ton of good games. Heard Monaco: Whats Yours is Mine and Bastion are fairly good as well.
    FEZ is coming to the PC soon, look into that as well.
    (So many indie games now!).
    EDIT: Yet another. Have look at a game called Antichamber, very Portal-esque first person puzzler that defies everything you know about physics and logic.
    On that same thought, Quantic Conundrum is another very similar game.

    Racing games I have little experience in, but I did enjoy Burnout: Paradise City if it helps.

    Minecraft and Terraria for your games to sink endless hours into creating something.

    You could try games like Torchlight II, very cartoony aesthetic and plays like Diablo III.

    Dont forget you can always download emulators and play the older console games. Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask might just have to serve for your action adventures, very few nowadays that arent violent in some way.
  7. Yeah, there are some games out there that are children friendly. I will assume your parents are okay with games "Rated E for Everyone"?

    Sims 3
    Cities XL 2012
    FIFA 13
    Civilization V
    LEGO Lord of the Rings
    LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes
    NBA 2K13
    Supreme Commander
    Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance
    Supreme Commander 2
    Disciple III series
    King's Bounty Platinum Edition (I think this is rated 12+) - Contains King's Bounty: The Legend, Armored Princess and Crossworlds (basically an expansion for Armored Princess)

    Yeah, not too much in terms of action games for kids.
  8. Thanks a lot everyone. All of your comments are really good :D
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