Video and audio problems on Toshiba laptop P845 when using HDMI

I have a Toshiba satellite P845 with HDMI output. I have it connected to an LG flat screen TV and have 2 problems: 1) I have enabled 2 screens so that I can use the TV as a secondary monitor and using the Toshiba Video player, video plays on the laptop, but the TV only shows the frame of the video player, no video is played through the tv while connected to the HDMI port. I have tried all HDMI ports on the tv and have tried all of the settings under Windows 8 that I can think of thru the device manager and/or under the software programs but still nothing shows on the tv. I have connected other devices (iPad) and they work without any issues.
2) I also have no audio output when using the HDMI cable connected to the TV. I have looked through the settings in device manager and the TV is not listed under the audio devices to select. I understand that audio is controlled thru the video drivers on HDMI(?). I have updated the driver from Toshiba site for the video player, but still not resolved. again, when I connect other devices (iPad) sound is played without any issue.

Any suggestions/help would be appreciated.
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  1. To get the sound playing on the tv, you need to switch the standard playback device. In win7 it's in control panel / sound, no idea where it is in win8. Concerning the video player i found this: stating: "
    Blu-Ray Disc™ Player Technology

    Compatibility and/or performance issues are possible. Certain interactive features may not be supported due to compatibility, network settings or other conditions. Advanced Access Content System (AACS) keys are integrated into your computer for copy protection purposes. Occasional renewal is required and will initially be provided at no charge. After the initial period, Corel Corporation will provide AACS key renewals pursuant to its then current terms and conditions. For more information on AACS key, visit

    Depending on Blu-ray Disc content, you may experience "frame dropping" or lower performance. Viewing on external display requires a RGB/HDCP supported HDMI port. External power required for viewing of Blu-ray content. Dual view feature not supported. You must close all other applications during Blu-ray Disc playback."
  2. Thanks, but the DVD and video files are not BlueRay. Also the laptop is only about 2 months old. Downside is we live in Angola and bought the laptop at Best Buy when we were in States. No opportunity to take it back to the local store for a quick fix :)
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