Gigabyte 7970 1000 mhz vs 1100 mhz

as the title says im deciding between 2 gigabyte 7970 cards and im wondering if i take the lower clocked one whould i be able to over clock it to the same as the better one at 1100 mhz easy? if someone whould recomend a other brand of 7970 that whould be better to overclock to about 1100 as i dont wanna overclock much im just deciding if its worth to get a more prefrence card and overclock it and i heard there are 2 diff thahti gpus 1 newer and one older and other brands have better pcb's and so

1100 mhz

1000 mhz
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  1. BigMack70 said:
    1100 Mhz is a pretty low overclock for a 7970 - most cards will do that without even messing with voltages. Just buy the 1000 MHz card and overclock it.

    So it dosent matter even if the 1000 mhz one is voltage locked i can still overclock it to the same clocks as the 1100 mhz one?
  2. BigMack70 said:
    I mean there's always a chance that the answer is no, but like I said - *most* 7970s will hit 1100 MHz on stock voltage with no issues.

    yea i know all the gpu's are diffrent and you can clock them to diffrent mhz but even if it is voltage locked and its a normal good gpu it should be able to hit the 1100 mhz? so you whould say that the 1000 mhz one whould be better to buy then the 1100 mhz ghz edition one?
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