Cloning an external Hitachi SimpleDrive Mini 250gb to a new faster USB 3.0 drive

Is it possible to clone two external drives, 1 slower usb 2.0 and a newer (yet to be purchased) and faster usb 3.0 drive for increased performance. They will always be external drives. The Hitachi may have some encrypted files. Any suggestions?
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  1. Plug the new one in, and copy the files over. No 'cloning' needed.
  2. USAFRet said:
    Plug the new one in, and copy the files over. No 'cloning' needed.

    It has to be an exact copy. The current USB 2.0 drive has encrypted files due to insurance regulations. Installed on the drive is VMware that creates a virtual machine (XP) to execute the program. I want to get it right the first time and find out if there is any thing I am missing. I believed cloning to be the correct process. If I can simply copy the drive, then do you have any suggestions on reliable software that I can download/purchase to handle this task? Also if there are any suggestions on a reliable USB 3.0 Drive in the 500GB - 1T range it would be greatly appreciated?
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    DriveimageXML will create an exact image, which you can then restore to the new drive.

    easeus partition master and CloneZilla also do this.
  4. You dont want to clone, just do a copy
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