How can I test a fully modular PSU without a motherboard?

I just received a fully modular corsair AX 850 PSU for my computer. It might be a while before i can finish my computer build but i want to make sure the PSU at least powers up. I'm aware of the green to black paperclip test but since it's fully modular, all the wire are black. Can't find any tips on how to test it. Does anyone know and can help?
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  1. Maybe this will help? Match the pins and don't get electrocuted?
  2. You can get a $30 multimeter, which will do the job perfectly, or you can try to see through the sleeving (not the heatshrink) to find the green line.

    The easiest way overall, though, would be to take it to a friends' house and plug it into their computer real quick... though if it is bad and you fry something, that's not good.
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