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i have turned wifi on no shows connected on my phone but no internet access i have lg optimus e615 plz plzz help thnx
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  1. reboot?
  2. sorry?
  3. would it work in bridge mode?
  4. Okay a few dumb questions to resolve:
    1) You turned wifi on - you mean the phone correct?
    2) Turning 'on' wifi doesn't mean anything, you need a Internet Provider to your home, then a wireless router to take the Internet connection and make it wireless - do you have that?
    3) What happens when you go to the library, McD, Starbucks, etc.? Do you get wireless Internet there?
  5. i am not that noob i have wifi on my phone n router mobile connects to my routers wifi link speed excellent bla bla but no access
  6. You would be surprised :) . Okay the top things I would think of is a) turn off any 'password' or security on the home router - now can you surf websites? If so it maybe the incorrect password on the phone or the security it can't handle (it does WEP and you are using WPA2).
    B) What happens with the phone trying to use wireless at a public location (Library, Starbucks, etc.). Does it work then? If not then I would refer you at that point back to your phones service provider about the phone / check your cellphone company website for the instruction manual and see if there is a special step only to that phone you may not be aware of.
  7. kk so it worked in pppoe but its nt working in bridge mode any idea?
  8. PPPOE is very old school dial up connections, and bridge is to bridge between your cell and another device (not gain access to wifi). Did you read the manual? Did you google the model and Manual? I did and unless it is a 'unlocked and altered phone' it plainly says

    Turning Wi-Fi on and connecting to a
    Wi-Fi network
    Touch > Apps tab > Settings > Wi-
    Fi from the WIRELESS & NETWORKS tab.
    Set Wi-Fi to ON to turn it on and start
    scanning for available Wi-Fi networks.
    Tap the Wi-Fi menu again to see a list of
    active and in-range Wi-Fi networks.
    Secured networks are indicated by a
    lock icon.

    Touch a network to connect to it.
    If the network is open, you are asked
    to confirm that you want to connect to
    that network by touching Connect.
    If the network is secured, you are
    prompted to enter a password or
    other credentials. (Ask your network
    administrator for details)
    The status bar displays icons that indicate
    Wi-Fi status

    Now if your connecting, as you indicated before, but your still not getting through on the wireless, and when you go to a different hotspot (Starbucks, etc.) and the same thing occurs, then your phone is defective and you need to speak to your cell phone provider for support (a fix they can provide or provide a replacement). Again the test for this is when you go to a open hotspot, do you have the SAME problem? If not, then we need to stop looking at the phone then look at the settings of your home wireless as the problem. Make sense?
  9. the same comes in bridge n pppoe mode like in my phone its connected link speed 54mbps strength excellent but internet only in pppoe
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