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i got a crucial 128gb SSD off ebay for £65 and i was wondering how do i transfer files over to it im wanting to put warcraft and windows on it as it has enough space,i know i can buy a crucial migration kit but is there anyway to transfer it for free that it wont be corrupted in anyway after ive done it
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  1. download the clonezilla live CD Image. Burn it to a CD AS AN IMAGE. Boot to the Image. Clone the current HDD to the SSD. Boot to the SSD. Enjoy.
  2. are there any other ways i dnt have any discs, i suppose i could just reinstall wow on the SSD and my browser etc i dnt think il do windows yet not until im more familiar with backing up and partions etc
  3. this is the SSD i got and this is my motherboard

    im worried that without AHCI that my SSD wont work or completely mess my system
  4. you can just re-install WOW on the SSD.

    Also, if you have any Steam or Origin games, you have to install Steam or Origin to the drive you want ALL of ur games on too, cause you can't select the download/install directories of the games each client downloads and installs.
  5. i just hope its compatible with my motherboard and wont give me any BSOD or anything as this is my first SSD all i want it for is wow and programs and maybe windows in thefuture but not to sure on that
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    It won't give you BSOD. It's just extra storage. lol. It's essentially the same as plugging a flash drive into ur PC. lol. It may have you format it when you 1st try to access it. Just do a quick format to NTFS and then ur golden. Install WOW to it and enjoy.
    I'm 100% certain that if you can correctly physically put the SSD in the case and connect it via the SATA data and power, you are smart enough to have ZERO problems with it. lol.
  7. as its a used SSD will i need to upgrade the firmwarre
  8. dragonx1983 said:
    as its a used SSD will i need to upgrade the firmwarre

    If you want to. It's not needed, but highly recommended. Some SSD's require a boot disk, but some just have a file you run in windows. Since it is used, you will want to ensure u format it, so there is no possibility of malware infection transference.
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