which motherboard is the best for gaming $110 range

Hi everyone, I need to choose a new motherboard since the extreme 4 i initially choose is a little bit too expensive for me since I'm over budget. This is my build so far:
msi interceptor stealth series case
intel core i5-3570k
sapphire 7870xt
some g-skill ram 2x4gb
1tb seagate barracuda
antec hcg 620m

I've narrowed it down to these 4 motherboards. I'd like to keep this build for at least 4 years. I plan on overclocking when my cpu gets sluggish. I don't need crossfire/sli, I'll just replace my video card when it stops meeting my needs. On a sidenote my brother recommended me the asus since he has a p5n-d in his build and he hasn't had any problems with it.

I won't be buying from newegg since local stores usually sell for less and have no shipping fees.
ga-z77 ds3h is $120 + $20 mail in rebate
ga-z77 hd3 is $100 + $10 mail in rebate
p8z77v-lx 125 + $10 mail in rebate
g45 $128 + $10 mail in rebate

I was thinking the hd3 is the best buy for4 money.
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  1. i dunno about prices in teh states but u can prolly pick up a z77 board. here u can get an asus p8z77 v-lx for £80-100 somtimes less, they are great bang 4 buck and u cant go wrong on them. Only downside is poor integrated sound-card and lack of a high bandwidth 2ndary PCIe slot, despite that i manage to run 7970 CF (iam planning to sell my p8z77v-lx to get an asrock extream 4 just for xfire) fairly well.

    u can overclock the p8z77-lx very well too. the GA-Z77-DS3H is probably bettyer value for the buck though. Hope it helps
  2. I'm from Canada, sorry I should have mentioned that.
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