cant decide between gigabyte 7970 and 7950

i been checking reviews and asking alot of questions under the past few days and i still cant decide all i know it will be gigabyte and a 7970 or 7950 most liley will be the 7970 1000 mhz one so can some one here help me pick what one whould be best?.

i am playing at 1080p atm on 27" screen but will most likley go to 3 monitors with eyefinity in less then a year but for now just 1 full hd screen. i want to know most about the 7970 1000 mhz one if it whould be the best here if you can overclock it close to the 1100 mhz one without adding voltage. please give me some recommendations and why. thx
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  1. None of those links work.
  2. ksham said:
    None of those links work.

    idk why they dident work but updated
  3. I pick the GV-R797OC-3GD or GV-R795WF3-3GD. The price on the other one is too high for it to be competitive.

    It comes down to if you're on a budget or not. If not, the 7970 is the clear winner. Price/Performance goes to the 7950. The 7950 can OC to match the 7970 stock.

    I've seen the 7970 OC to 1.3GHz.
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