Will the gtx 690 price drop like a 590

I am planning to upgrade my pc and I have to choose between gtx 670 680 590 or 7970 7950 . But about a year ago a 590 was £800 and now you can pick one up for £300. So should I wait until the 690 price drops . Also I have been seeing 680s going for £300 each so I have sli in mind too . So wait for 690 and stay with single 6950 2gb till then or any other of the choices.
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  1. Ok thanks . But the ares ii was faster sli gtx 680 are cheaper gtx Titan makes it cry so will I haft to wait until amd and nvidia releases the next gen of cards.
  2. the price will drop because of the reason BigMack70 already mentioned. I think it's better to wait till the next gen cards.
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