which gpu is best for me?

my system is as follows,
cpu: FX 8350
cooler: Kuhler H20 620 closed loop liquid cooler
mobo: Asrock icafe770 (replacing it with sabertooth r2.0 once amazon send me my replacement)
Gpu: asus HD 7770 2gb
ram: 8gb corsair 1600
psu: 750w bronze
Hdd: 1 WD 160g, 1 TB hitachi deskstar both 7200

Ok so since i have a new mobo and cpu i really want to save up and get a gpu that will be able to keep up with the latest games for the next 6m-1yr, maybe not maxxed out but you know get a serious bang for my buck. Something that i will really see a nice boost in performance gaming. my budget is 300-400max. a few dollars over isnt a big deal but nothing too far. BTW only playing on 1920x1080. I was told to go with the 7970 XFX but i dont like to rely on 1 single answer. like to see what the people i have learned all of what i kno bout pc's have to say 1st.
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  1. A 660ti will serve you just fine, for more than 1 year.

    EDIT: Or if you feel like it, you can find some GTX 670 for a little bit less than 400$ on newegg. Otherwise the 7970 is a good choice, and I believe ATI cards generally more easily overclock than Geforce's too.
  2. do u know the potential clocking capability of the XFX 7970? any specific brand on the 660ti or 670 that is better than the other? new to pc gaming. maybe 2months of experience in it
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